• 3 Year Paint Protection With Only 1 Layer Required
  • Easy to Apply and Self-Leveling
  • Hardness: 7H
  • Thickness: 0.75-1 microns
  • Heat Resistance: 1400o F
  • Flash TIme: 30-60 seconds (depending on temperature/humidity)
  • Cure Time: Initital Cure within 3 hours, full cure in 3 days
  • Removal: If product is cured it can only be removed by polishing
  • Use on: Clear Coat Paint, Matte Paint, Rims and Calipers, Chrome,  Stainless Steel, Exhaust Pipes, Plastic Trim, Vinyl Wraps, Decals  and Emblems, Paint Protection Film (PPF) and Carbon Fiber
  • Size: 50mL Bottle


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