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  • Machine Extractor Cleaner is a concentrated,low-foaming fabric and carpet cleaner for use in extraction machines. A heavy duty cleaner, Machine Extractor Cleaner can be used in hot or cold water machines. It rinses clean without leaving a soapy residue. This product also minimizes foam build-up in the machine itself. Directions: In extraction machines add up to 6 ounces of Machine Extractor Cleaner per gallon of water in the solution tank. When using an external immersion heater add the concentrate after heating the water. For pre-spotting, spray the affected area with the diluted mixture with a misting sprayer and work it into the fabric with an upholstery brush or clean cloth. Voc Compliant
    • Please note:  Many more products are available that are not listed online.  Please e-mail or call our sales staff if there is something you are looking for and don't see on our site
    DISCLAIMER: Due to shipping restrictions, 55 gallon drums and 5 gallon jugs of chemicals must be purchased by the pallet! Pallets are in quantities of 4 for the 55 gallon drums (220 total gallons) and in quantities of 20 for the 5 gallon jugs (100 total gallons). However, you can mix and match chemicals!
  • Castle® Plexo™ is a gentle, fast-acting, easy-to-use plastic glass cleaner. Plastic glass requires its own special cleaner, with no harsh chemicals or abrasives to scratch and discolor it. Plexo™ leaves plastic glass clean, static free and resistant to fogging. It also works great on glass. Uses:
    • Plastic Counter Tops
    • Safety Shields
    • Hockey Helmet Visors
    • RV's
    • TV Screens
    • Plexiglass
    • Plastic Windshield
    • Automobile Windshields
  • Castle® Industrial Cleaner™ is a blend of cleaners, surfactants, and chelating agents formulated to clean porous and non-porous surfaces. Special conditioners are built into the formula to restore a like-new finish to the cleaned area.
    • Auto • Truck • Aviation
    • Marine • Industry • Office • RV • Aircraft
    1. Shake well.
    2. Spray Industrial Cleaner™ on surface to be cleaned.
    3. Allow to set for a minute or so, brush if necessary.
    4. Remove dirt with damp cloth. Polish dry with dry cloth.
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